As a leader in the packaging industry, Akers understands the importance of being reliable. Akers values their customer’s timelines, the quality of packaging delivered, and making sure the boxes are delivered when they say they will be delivered. More than anything, they know that their reliability secures their customer’s positive image and future sales.

Reliability is critical to keeping a business running uninterrupted. When a packaging supplier is unable to keep up with demand at a crucial moment, and reliability is suddenly challenged, a business can quickly spiral downward while trying to meet deadlines. This is when Akers is ready to save the day. If your supplier is unable to fulfill a promise, Akers is ready and able to provide you with a reliable packaging solution. Akers can pick up a struggling project to meet your deadlines as well as to make sure your products are packaged and shipped on time, every time.

Reliability, like trust, is rare and earned through action. Akers proved this recently for an Ohio customer who was caught in a bind. The customer was informed about a local supplier who was behind schedule and unable to meet packaging demands after they contacted the Akers’ Middletown location directly. Unsure if it was even possible, the customer asked if Akers could supply 10,000 boxes by 7:00 AM the next day. This is when something amazing happened. Akers was able to provide a super -quick response, from the time of the call to the time of delivery, in just under 15 hours. The customer was shocked with the outcome and pleased to hear Akers say “Yes, we can make that happen.”

This is a fundamental aspect of Akers business identity. Akers specializes in the ability to complete complex jobs and meet tight deadlines out of an utmost respect for customers. Akers understands customer projects and timelines are not arbitrary and that they are important to keeping production moving forward. The core of Akers identity is to provide outstanding service and to be frugal with a customer’s dollar.

In the previously stated case about the Ohio customer, Akers immediately assembled a team of professionals to print boxes with flexo -folder gluers, attached with pre-feeders, to produce 350 kicks per minute. Akers delivered quality at unrivaled speed. Akers fulfilled this order, exactly when it was needed, keeping the customer’s product moving to maximize the value of their inventory.

Akers commitment to speedy service is only a portion of the total reliability picture. By manufacturing its own corrugated sheets and boxes, designing one-of-a-kind custom boxes, and maintaining ISTA -certified testing facilities, Akers can handle even the loftiest of projects from customers. If you’ve been told “no”, or if your packaging needs aren’t being met, and your inventory is in need of the right packaging tomorrow, then reach out to your closest Akers’ location, and see first-hand how Akers’ commitment to making “yes” possible will result in better packaging for you and your products.