At Akers Packaging we know that the term “lead-time” can mean different things to different people. Because of this, we focus on learning what each customer wants, and tailoring the delivery experience specifically to their individual needs. While others may employ a one size fits all model, we know that each and every business is different and that those differences matter.

Delivered on Time, Every Time
Our motto is “delivered on time, every time”. While this may sound simplistic, we know that while late is unacceptable, a too early delivery can be just as much of an inconvenience as a late one. We listen to our customers and never create a situation where a delivery arrives when you have a full dock.

Just in Time
Akers operates based on a just in time model. We won’t ship you six months’ worth of product because it’s convenient for us, leaving it to sit on your dock taking up valuable space. We’ll deliver what you need, when you need it – within 24 hours from our dock to yours. Lead time isn’t based on what orders are in the queue or the trucks we have available. It’s based on what works best for you, and your business.

Short Lead Time Benefits

There are many benefits to a shorter lead time based on the just in time model. Emergency situations can be mitigated easily. If you unexpectedly receive a large order, we’ll make sure you have the boxes you need to pack and ship it on time. The costs of inventory space and storage are reduced by freeing up space for what matters most – your product! Gone are the days of ordering months ahead, more than what you really need, just to ensure that you have a supply. And lastly, you won’t need to find space to store extra boxes, risking incurring damage and ultimately reducing your own inventory space.

Maximum Flexibility
In today’s fast paced business environment flexibility is paramount. Orders can come in at any second and you need a supplier who is at the ready to meet your needs. Akers is that company. With our just in time model your orders are delivered on time, every time – not late, not early; but exactly when you need them. If you’re not already a part of our satisfied customer base, contact us today to experience the Akers difference.