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The Packaging Assessment

The ultimate goal of packaging is to deliver a product in pristine condition, exactly when it is needed, which seems easy in theory. Akers Packaging Service Group’s goal is to do that on time, every time. The essential factors that go into creating a box are determining a product’s size and weight, but to create

Akers’ Commitment to Service

Often, expectations for a service or product drop off dramatically once the bare minimum is delivered. For instance, when ordering a burger from a fast-food restaurant, it is expected that a burger will be handed over in the end; but between placing the order and finally reaching that last drive-thru window, most people do not

Reliability, Quick Response Time, & A Commitment to “Yes”

As a leader in the packaging industry, Akers understands the importance of being reliable. Akers values their customer’s timelines, the quality of packaging delivered, and making sure the boxes are delivered when they say they will be delivered. More than anything, they know that their reliability secures their customer’s positive image and future sales. Reliability