Often, expectations for a service or product drop off dramatically once the bare minimum is delivered. For instance, when ordering a burger from a fast-food restaurant, it is expected that a burger will be handed over in the end; but between placing the order and finally reaching that last drive-thru window, most people do not expect much from the experience outside of that burger. In fact, more often than not, most do not expect that burger to taste very good, or for their order to even be correct. This leaves a lingering question at the end of the drive-thru experience: was the burger even worth the dollar?

It is just as easy to assume that when dealing with a packaging supplier, the best that can be hoped for is a box, and not much else. This assumption, and the mindset overall, comes from dealing with suppliers who provide poor service and do not do justice to their customer’s dollar. When service is held to a higher standard and a supplier is willing to go that extra step, the end product tends to have a greater value. To look back at the drive-thru, the burger is worth the dollar when the people who make it care about whether it actually tastes good, and that it has been made to order.

Understanding quality service has been the cornerstone of Akers Packaging Service Group from day one. Day in and day out, the team at Akers steps up to provide their customers with the extra care and consideration to make sure their needs are being met exactly by the boxes being manufactured. It’s also why everything that Akers makes is custom, including the corrugated, because good service is not one-size-fits-all, it’s tailor made for each customer.

A great example of what defines superior service from Akers comes from a customer interaction in Decatur, IL. An automotive customer found themselves in a packaging bind, so they contacted Akers looking for a run on large partition inserts for their boxes. Dealing with an exceptionally tight deadline, the customer needed the partitions as soon as possible, or else they would face significant fines for not having the packaging available. Knowing how important getting these partitions to the customer would be, Akers was able to draw on their significant trust from other customers to ensure that re-arranging schedules to fit in this emergency run would be agreeable to everyone. Once the partitions were manufactured, the Akers team actually pitched in at the customer’s facility to assemble the partitions on-site, to make sure that the customer was able to meet their shipping deadlines.

These extra levels of service are what create such a high-level of trust with Akers’ customer network. This has also made it easy to establish a co-operative nature between Akers and their customers, because every customer knows that when they’re in a bind, they can turn to Akers and expect the same level of professionalism and dedication. Akers maintains open channels of communication and keeps a flexible manufacturing schedule to stay prepared, handling any customer’s needs as soon as they call in, and making the most of a customer’s resources within their timeline to make sure that the customer receives the best service for their dollar.

Everyone wants their order to taste like it was made just for them, much in the same way that every product deserves to have packaging made to fit and protect that product specifically. Your product deserves better than a generic box, and your business deserves a supplier who provides quality service. Akers is able to provide a custom box for your product, with exceptional service to give you an all-around better packaging and shipping experience. To see exactly how a made-to-order packaging solution for your product can improve your overall business, contact your nearest Akers’ location , and Akers would be happy to work with you on designing the exact packaging to fit your product, on your timeline — on time, every time.