Many companies claim to have their customers’ needs and interests at heart, but at Akers Packaging we truly do. Satisfying the needs of our customers is at the core of what we do each and every day, and we’re proud to say we’re good at it! “The answer is yes; now tell me more about the problem.” We’re a solutions provider in every sense of the word.

No Request Ignored

There is no request too odd or out of the ordinary for us to accommodate. We know that in order to provide the best customer service, we need to have an intimate understanding of your business. When you begin doing business with us, one of our skilled packaging engineers will personally visit your facility to conduct a packaging audit. They will work closely with you to understand the products being shipped, how you unitize, and the complete chain of custody from your dock to receipt at your customer. A pivotal part of the packaging audit is gaining an understanding of the unique industry-specific challenges placed on your product, which could lead to packaging or shipping issues. This fact-finding exercise enables us to anticipate your needs and serve you best, all while protecting your product.

Increasing your Efficiency

A product of the packaging audit is often an increase in efficiency. Akers isn’t just about manufacturing and delivering boxes. Based on the information we gain, we will often suggest changing the way the boxes are designed to better fit your storage and assembly needs.

Customer Service, at its Finest

Each Akers customer has their own dedicated Customer Relations Specialist (CRS). They learn the wants and needs of the customer and are the main point of contact for superior service. However, we know that things happen and your CRS might not always be available due to other projects, a vacation, etc. That is why, at Akers, we fully train a back-up CRS on all the details of your specific account, leaving nothing to chance. If your CRS is not available, you’re still cared for like our number one customer.

We Mean What We Say

As you can see, when we say we’d do anything for our customers, we mean it. We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to packaging and that excellent customer service is a huge differentiator. That’s why every day we put our customers’ needs before our own and go the extra mile. That means if the truck has left for the day and our sales representative has to personally deliver your shipment, that’s what will happen (and, that is what HAS happened!). Here at Akers, we truly are customer obsessed. How can we go to work for you?