I want to point out what our partnership with Hoosier means to MBC Group.

  • Customer service – Carrie and Holly respond to every single request we make immediately, accurately, and with great courtesy and care. They make our project managers feel like they are co-workers always on the same team. Your efforts personally in regards to customer service exceed that of any GM I have worked with in my 30 years in the packaging world, you make doing business with Hoosier reliable and predictable and I cannot count the number of times you jumped in the car and hand delivered samples, came down for a design review or stepped in to see that a critical job meets all requirements.
  • On-time deliveries – Hoosier Container has a 100% on time record since the first shipments beginning in October 2013.
  • Pricing – We have great comfort in the pricing levels having consistency, and we feel that the $225,000.00 we spent in the last 25 months equates to a real value for good quality parts, and integrity for us, so when we add your components to ours, our customer sees that integrity, and it builds trust for MBC and for Hoosier. It is great that we never have to play pricing games, ever.
  • Overall good will – We feel like we have a true “partner” in every sense of the word with our friends at Hoosier, and we know that drives from how the guy at the helm guides the ship. Eric, you are a true professional in every way, and we are blessed by your care of our account. It is truly a privilege to work with you every day.

I look forward to as many years as we have in this business continuing our friendship and partnership. You are our supplier of choice, sole supplier by choice, and we are a better company for that relationship.

Brian Scott Canady, VP of Sales, MBC Group