I enjoy working with Webster West because I know when I place an order it will be delivered on time and with no issues. I also have flexibility in my orders and can move out or up as needed which is very beneficial to me due to lack of warehouse space and fluctuation in our packaging schedule. I like the fact that I don’t have to “babysit” once an order is placed.

Both Judy Metcalf and Judy Barns are always quick to respond to my requests and are always available when needed. Not only are they professional but they are friendly which makes them a joy to work with. I wish I had more like them.

I am always notified in advance if there are any issues that might affect an order whether it is a short run or an over run or needing to change a delivery date. This makes my job so much easier and is why I consider Webster West to be one my best suppliers and partners.

Gayle Collins, Buyer and Planner, Kremers Urban Pharmaceuticals, Inc.