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The Quality of Your Corrugated Box Matters

For over 50 years, Akers has focused on manufacturing the highest quality corrugated packaging possible. Quality is the foundation for everything we do, from the material that we purchase, the equipment we source and invest in, and the manufacturing processes we employ – called the Akers Quality System.

Why We Care About Quality

We know that our customers have many options. Anyone can make a box. However, one of the things that sets us apart is that we make a box that exceeds the needs and expectations of our customers. Every day we manufacture boxes that do not fail, knowing that a cheap, poorly constructed box will eventually cost the customer more in the end. Not only do our boxes handle wear and tear, they do it while protecting the product inside and looking good at the same time. We use the highest quality ink so that the logos and colors on the boxes arrive at their final destination properly reflecting the brand they represent.

The Materials

Our manufacturing process starts with the highest quality products available. From our roll stock, ink and starch, to our glue – unless it is high quality, Akers doesn’t use it! We know that high quality supplies equal a high quality product. While some manufactures may cut corners to save money that is not how we operate.

Our Equipment

While supplies and processes are important, we know equipment is paramount, and we’ve invested in the best equipment available. This includes J & L, Mark 5 Gluer, Isowa Flexofold gluers, Hycorrs, and Ward Die Cutters. In addition, we recently added two new Apstar Die Cutters, which have increased our capacity by 40% and shortened lead-time. Additionally, they allow for enhanced printing capabilities of up to four exterior colors, two interior colors and tighter registration for more complex artwork – ensuring your brand always looks amazing!

To maintain peak performance, our machines are maintained and operated by a team of innovative maintenance technicians. Our Total Preventative Maintenance (TPM) Program was specifically designed to ensure that our equipment is in pristine condition at all times, to provide the highest quality possible.

When it comes to cutting dies and printing plates we are very selective in our vendors, looking for longevity and quality. We certify them, requiring them to use materials that will last and have created specifications they must adhere to and standards that they must meet.

What does this mean for our customers? Orders are quickly manufactured and shipped to arrive on time, every time. Cutting-edge equipment facilitates a safer, more efficient workplace, which results in a more consistent, reliable product, which is what Akers delivers every time!

The Akers Family

Having top-of-the-line machinery is important, but without a highly skilled and dedicated workforce, even the best machinery falls short. At Akers, we believe high quality people and machinery go hand-in-hand. Our loyal and skilled staff, many with decades of industry experience are equipped with the right tools to do the job and serve you best.

Our Quality System

We employ our own full Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for all quality checks and concerns. This includes a sample through the run as part of the inspection protocol. If a product is found out of specification, manufacturing stops and the problem is remedied. When the Akers Quality System runs properly, manufacturing bad product is impossible. In the rare case that a quality issues arises, our root cause analysis always reveals that there was a deviation from our quality system. These instances have been learning experiences that have assisted in further fine-tuning and perfecting our quality system, leading to the amazing quality our customers enjoy today.

Your Best Choice for Quality Packaging

With a long history of quality, Akers is the easy choice for all your corrugated needs.

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