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Price Vs. Cost

For Corrugated, the price versus cost question is complex. On one hand, Price correlates directly to the amount spent on the box, whereas Total Cost often involves other factors such as buffer inventory, warehouse costs, production downtime or rescheduling while waiting for the delivery, and damage costs related to poor design, to name a few.

Customer Obsessed

Many companies claim to have their customers’ needs and interests at heart, but at Akers Packaging we truly do. Satisfying the needs of our customers is at the core of what we do each and every day, and we’re proud to say we’re good at it! “The answer is yes; now tell me more about

Akers Packaging- Leader in Lead Time

At Akers Packaging we know that the term “lead-time” can mean different things to different people. Because of this, we focus on learning what each customer wants, and tailoring the delivery experience specifically to their individual needs. While others may employ a one size fits all model, we know that each and every business is

Chicago Plant Adds New Die Cutter

Akers Packaging is obsessed with innovation and investing in the future. Our Chicago location recently completed the installation of a new Apstar Rotary Die Cutter which will help increase capability and capacity.  Watch and see how it is making a difference.

A Heritage of Quality

For over 50 years, Akers has focused on manufacturing the highest quality corrugated packaging possible. Quality is the foundation for everything we do, from the material that we purchase, the equipment we source and invest in, and the manufacturing processes we employ – called the Akers Quality System. Why We Care About Quality           We know

The Akers Packaging Continuity Plan

Cameron (Business Development Manager) describes how the Akers Packaging continuity plan is helping our customers deliver their products as quickly as possible.

Akers Packaging Donates 20,000 Boxes

Akers Packaging donates 20,000 boxes to help deliver food to families in the Chicago area.