Outstanding Packaging Solutions Delivered On Time. Every Time.

Custom Corrugated Solutions

At Akers Packaging Service Group, it’s more than a box, it’s your business.

Akers Packaging Service Group delivers outstanding, custom corrugated containers on tight deadlines with high-quality products, meeting the needs of our customers. In essence, we show up with solutions. We are family-owned and operated, and we take care of our customers like they are part of the family. Our primary focus has always been on service; meaning Akers works to understand our customers’ business needs completely & provide exactly the right solution, at exactly the right time — it is why “service” is in our name. We care about your business, and we respect the role we play in maintaining your product excellence.

Our technology and machines — including Fosber corrugators, J&L Mark 5 and Isowa flexo fold gluers, and Apstar HG2, Hycorrs, and Ward die-cutters, among other pieces — are maintained and operated by a team of innovative professionals — including in-house engineers, designers, and technicians — which is what allows Akers to create the highest-quality, custom packaging solutions to keep your products safe, your shipping simplified, and your costs low.

As customer challenges grow and shift over time, Akers is committed to continually supporting, growing, and innovating to provide that same level of service we have committed to providing for 50+ years, because we know that our customer’s continued success is our success.

Corrugated Containers

Custom Shipping Containers
Your product is important and deserves a perfect fit; that is why we specialize in custom corrugated boxes designed and engineered for your specific needs. We work with you to learn your business inside and out to create individualized packaging that meets your product’s unique size, safety, and delivery requirements.

In-House Corrugated Sheet Manufacturing
Akers is proud to say that we manufacture our own corrugated sheets, utilizing a state of the art 98 Fosber Corrugator. This direct control of our sheet supply enables us to offer unmatched flexibility and extremely short lead times.

By controlling the corrugated box manufacturing process on-site, we are able to provide you the highest quality, custom packaging solutions — faster than almost everyone — and delivered on time, every time.

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Design Services

Your brand is your business on display. Akers offers 4 color printing and a full spectrum of high-resolution graphic capabilities to present your brand accurately and attractively on your corrugated boxes. We work with you to determine the exact size, style, and structure for your packaging, giving you exactly what you want, when you want it.

Our design and shipping teams will collaborate with you to find the packaging solution that fits your needs, budget, and timeframe. Whether redesigning existing packaging to maximize efficiency, creating a custom packaging solution from the ground up, or streamlining the box and shipping process to optimize cost and labor; we strive to make your packaging experience faster, easier, and more cost-effective.

Testing Services

Akers will conduct product packaging audits and assessments using ISTA testing standards to determine your exact packaging design and structure needs.

Our in-house damage testing can guarantee your shipment of products is received out-of-the-box the same way it was packaged — intact and unharmed. Our testing can determine the necessary specifications required, so changes in base weight will not affect the performance of your packaging, while providing a reduction in cost whenever possible.

Our International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) certified testing lab, designed to perform testing that aligns with the ISTA established guidelines, guarantees the highest quality product available, offering both ECT and Mullen testing.

We test to determine our packaging meets or exceeds the guidelines you set for your shipping needs.

Just-in-Time Delivery

We are proud to maintain a true Just-in-Time (JIT) shipping model, with a same or next day delivery guarantee.

We will meet the deadline you set.
We will not ship you six months’ worth of product because it is convenient for us, leaving it to sit on your dock taking up valuable space. We will deliver what you need, when you need it – within 24 hours from our dock to yours. Lead time is not based on what orders are in the queue or the trucks we have available. It is based on what works best for you, and your business.

Leader in Lead Time
We know that the term lead time can mean different things to different people. Because of this, we focus on learning what each customer wants, and tailoring the delivery experience specifically to your individual needs. While others may employ a one size fits all model, we know that each business is unique and that differences (big or small) matter.

Short Lead Time Benefits
There are many benefits to a shorter lead time. Emergency situations can be mitigated with ease. If you receive a large order unexpectedly, our team will ensure you have the boxes you need to pack and ship your product on time.

  1. The costs of inventory space and storage are reduced by freeing up space for what matters most – your product!
  2. Gone are the days of ordering months ahead, more containers than what you really need, just to ensure you have a supply.
  3. You no longer must be concerned & incur the risk damage to extra stored boxes.

The Bottom Line: Expect your Shipping Containers Delivered on Time, Every Time


The foundation of our sustainability efforts lies in our use and manufacturing of corrugated, which is a sustainably sourced, renewably resourced material, made from certified fiber sourcing programs.

Corrugated is designed with reusability in mind, so corrugated sees a longer product lifecycle, and is still able to be recycled into a new life, as new material, avoiding unnecessary additions to landfills, reducing overall waste. Corrugated is the “most recycled packaging material.”

Akers goes the extra mile with its sustainable efforts by manufacturing our own corrugated sheets and boxes, reducing additional shipping and processing steps before the corrugate is recycled and recovered.

Green Materials and Green Solutions mean more Green for your Business
Beyond the packaging itself, Akers Packaging Service Group promotes a greater sustainability effort by tailoring packaging solutions to fit each customer’s entire packaging and shipping process. Our design and shipping teams create a custom shipping solution for each of our customers that better protects your product, uses less materials for manufacturing, and improves load distribution during shipping. This shipping process reduces inventory costs, shipping costs, and production costs.